Apartment decorating on a budget

Living in an apartment is fun. You have all this space for yourself, and you can decorate it however you want. But your budget is not exactly unlimited right now, and while you want to buy the best pieces of furniture, you simply can’t. If that’s the case, then let our expert crew from Marriott Constructions teach you how to decorate your apartment even on a budget.

Invest in used furniture

Buying brand new furniture is exciting, but the best ones can be pricey. You can give your apartment a quick yet budget-friendly makeover by investing in used pieces of furniture such as a sectional, centre table, or credenza. You can buy them from consignment or thrift shops, or watch out for garage sales in your neighbourhood that pop up every once in a while. Apartment dwellers can also buy them from online marketplaces, such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and eBay. But make sure to inspect the item thoroughly before committing to buy it. You don’t want to live with the regret of having a stained and smelly couch or a scratched dining table at home.

Buy quality furniture and other items

It’s tempting to buy a piece of furniture because it is the cheapest one you can find at the store. You’re on a budget after all, and it’s all you can afford. But hold your horses! Chances are it’s better to wait until you have enough cash for that beautiful yet durable sectional or ergonomic chair than to buy a lumpy couch or a cheap office chair that can ruin your posture in the long run.

Go all white

Cans of paint are not exactly cheap these days. If you’re on a budget, expert home decorators recommend that you paint your walls all white. Not only does it make your room look larger than it actually is, but it also brightens up your apartment. Plus, cans of white paint are cheaper compared to coloured ones, so you can easily repaint scuffed portions whenever you want.

Get a bright-coloured or patterned rug

One way to spice up any room at home without breaking the bank is to invest in a bright-coloured or patterned rug. A woven teal or turquoise rug that adds a splash of colour to a room for less than $50 can look good in any apartment. You can also buy a second-hand Persian or Turkish rug for less than $300 if you know where to look.

Invest in some art pieces

You don’t need a Jackson Pollock or Agnes Martin painting at home just to make it stand out. Investing in some tasteful yet affordable pieces is a great way to give your home a quick makeover. You can visit a local art gallery to scoop a painting by some up-and-coming artist, or buy a second-hand painting online. Garage sales are also a great way to find some great art pieces.

Bring in some plants

Having an indoor plant in your living room, bedroom, or terrace is a great way to bring some life into your dreary apartment. Not only are they beautiful; plants are cheap, easy to take care of, and they help remove pollutants inside your home. When it comes to becoming a plant parent, it is best to start small so you won’t get overwhelmed. Start with succulents and herbs, then gradually work your way through monsteras, rubber figs, and tassel ferns.