Decorating a small apartment on a budget

Decorating a small apartment is exciting. You get to pick out new pieces of furniture or renovate the whole apartment to match your personality. But decorating can be quite challenging if you’re on a small budget. To help you make the most out of your apartment and your budget, our experts at Marriott Constructions have some great ideas that you can check out below.

Take it easy

If you’re on a rather tight budget, it makes sense not to spend all of your hard-earned money all at once. Start by buying a single piece of high-quality furniture first then have the walls painted when you have some extra cash set aside. Or start with the living room before you move in, then redecorate the kitchen and the bedroom three months after you have moved in.

Open the windows

The simple act of opening the windows can give your apartment the makeover it needs. Let some natural light in to illuminate the room during the day. But if you’re worried about your privacy, then buy a set of sheer curtains that can protect you from prying eyes but still let the sunlight in.

Buy a full-length mirror

A great way to make a room seem larger than it really is is to buy and install a full-length mirror. It can also optimize the room’s lighting, and a tasteful mirror can add to the room’s appeal. Plus, you can hide cracks on the wall, torn wallpaper, and other imperfections with it. You can buy these mirrors online or you can check out garage sales and consignment or thrift shops all over the Sunshine Coast.

Salvage furniture or buy second-hand

Salvaging furniture or buying second-hand ones might not be the most exciting prospect for you as a new apartment dweller, but if you want to save some much-needed cash, you’re going to have to do it sooner or later. Watch out for neighbours who are moving out so you can get first dibs on any pieces they might be leaving behind. Neighbours who are downsizing or buying new furniture might also hold garage sales.

But if the choices are rather poor or you don’t like the quality of the ones you find, you can always buy second-hand furniture online. Just make sure to check the quality of the pieces, so you will not go home with a bug-infested couch or a centre table riddled with food stains and dirt.

Add a clothes rack

You don’t have to build a closet or buy another dresser if you’re on a tight budget. A great way to add storage to your bedroom without spending a lot of money is to add a simple clothes rack. It’s affordable, available virtually everywhere, and it’s not even difficult to assemble.

Reinvigorate your wood furniture with a can of paint or stain

Breathe new life to that old dining table the former tenant of the unit left behind or that set of wood chairs you inherited with a can of wood paint, stain, or lacquer. Painting your tables and chairs in light hues is always a good choice, but try black or grey if you want to make a bold statement.