Renovating Rental Apartments sunshine coast

Renovating Rental Apartments

No matter how regularly you maintain your rental apartment, some things are just inevitable. The paint will peel off the wall, the bathroom tiles will become dirty and moldy, and the air-conditioning unit will eventually break down. So, if you’re looking for tips on renovating rental apartments, then read on because Marriott Constructions have got you covered.

A brand new flooring or carpet

A great way to give your rental apartment a makeover is to replace or upgrade the unit’s old flooring. If you can splurge, then go for classic hardwoods or natural stone which are more durable than the usual flooring material. But if you’re on a rather tight budget, then laminates, vinyl tiles, and ceramic tiles will do. Choose some light-coloured flooring materials to give the apartment a brighter and more airy look.

Carpets become dirty, faded, and torn over time, so you can also have a new carpet installed to upgrade the property. Some of the newest trends in carpets include natural fiber, eye-catching stripes of contrasting colours, and striking animal prints. But, of course, nothing beats classic colours, such as beige, gray, and cream, if you want an elegant yet timeless look.

A splash of colour

It doesn’t matter if the brand of paint you used many years ago for your rental unit was the most expensive in the market — it’s bound to peel off or become dirty over time. When this happens, you can always hire a contractor to give your walls a fresh makeover. If you want a classic look for your unit, then stick with whites and grays. Cream and beige are timeless paint colours every homeowner should try at least once. But if you want to go bold, you can try brilliant colours, such as turquoise, bronze, or seafoam green.

Focus on the bathroom and kitchen

When you think of renovating rental apartments, the first place property owners renovate are the living room and the bedroom. But sometimes, it’s the kitchen and the bathroom that need an upgrade the most. Expanding the kitchen during a renovation is always a good idea, as well as upgrading the countertops and refacing the cabinets.

Bathroom tiles become dirty and moldy as the years pass, so make sure to give them a makeover, too. Standard white tiles are out, and gray and tiles that look like marble are in. Update your shower and faucet, too, to complete the upgrade.

Upgrade the kitchen appliances

Older rental units often have old-fashioned gas ranges, while some don’t even have a dishwasher. You can transform the unit’s kitchen by having a modern gas or induction cooktop installed. A separate oven can be installed, as well as a new dishwasher that is more energy-efficient.

Add some extra storage

When renovating rental apartments, it’s always a good idea to add some extra storage. Have your contractor install a compact version of a walk-in closet or customise a closet to maximise the space in the unit’s bedroom. You can also install some custom shelves in the living room, plus additional cabinets in the kitchen.