Woman Sitting in an Apartment Floor on the Sunshine Coast

One-bedroom apartment Renovation ideas

One-bedroom apartments are common in highly urbanised cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, and Sydney. They’re mostly short on space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live your best life here. But with just a little tweak here and there and a lot of improvements, you can surely make the most out of your one-bedroom flat. If you’re planning on some one-bedroom apartment renovations, then check out our ideas below.

Apartment Floor Plan blue print on the Sunshine Coast

1. Make use of every available space for storage

Find creative ways to make use of every inch of space in your single-bedroom apartment. For example, you can have a contractor build ceiling bookshelves, a wall-mounted desk, and a couple of shelves on the side of your cabinets. You can even use the space above your kitchen cabinets to store some cookbooks or your hand mixer. Recessed wall space can be used to store pantry essentials or a spice rack, while toe-kick drawers can store your muffin tins or shoes.

2. Add a sliding door or shoji screen

A thick wall separating your bedroom from your living room or kitchen is great for privacy, but it can sometimes take up too much space. Plus, a wall can hinder airflow if you only have one window in your apartment or your AC unit is located in your living room. Adding a sliding door or a shoji screen not only improves the airflow at home but also ensures that your haven remains as private as you wish.

3. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows

If you’re planning a major one-bedroom apartment renovation, then you might want to add some floor-to-ceiling glass windows to the list. They can make a room appear larger, plus you get to enjoy the amazing view outside. But make sure that the windows are double or triple-glazed if you’re living in colder climes to maximize energy efficiency. If it’s too bright or if privacy is a concern, simply use some curtains or blinds.

4. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Space is always at a premium with single-bedroom apartments, so it’s smart to invest in multi-purpose furniture. For example, a coffee table with drawers underneath allows you to save space in your living room and keep it relatively clutter-free. Some coffee tables also double as ottomans or desks.

Is your dining room too small? Then get rid of that round dining table and get yourself a compact breakfast nook with shelves at the side. Some daybeds and sofas are also equipped with shelves and storage drawers. You can also store clothes, bedsheets, and toys underneath your bed. When it comes to multi-purpose furniture, the possibilities are virtually endless.

5. Add a loft

This is perfect for flats with high ceilings. Apart from your bed, you can even add some cabinets or bookshelves for added storage space. The loft can be accessed via stairs or a ladder, and you can turn the space underneath into a walk-in closet or a study nook.

But keep in mind that this is a major one-bedroom apartment renovation project, so you might want to look for another place to crash in while the work is ongoing.